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Copywriting For Geeks – Learn to sell your stuff with words

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Discover the copywriting tricks that will make you sell products.

Find out how I managed to quit my job by learning to sell my own products online.

A few years ago, I remember being more than doubtful about long copy and various sales techniques. I used to think being funny and making cool things was all it took to persuade people to use my stuff. I was right about the latter, but wrong about not believing in sales techniques that have been used for years.

I knew there was a giant gap in my knowledge. I studied everything I could find about sales, copywriting, advertising, marketing and started to apply what I was learning. A year later, I quit my job as a programmer and I’m now making a living selling my own products online.

After less than two years I already generated close to a quarter million dollars in sales. How crazy is that? I have no employees, no big offices. I'm just a geek with his computer.

I know for a fact that my copywriting skills have something to do with this.

Social Proof

Here's what people said about my copy

« Your [product] is exactly what I need. »
« Your tag line hooked me. »
« [...] then I read your [product] description and that sealed it. »
« "[...]", this sentence convinced me. »
« I think your sales speech tells everything! »

See the difference!

* All right ... no improvements on that side, but I swear I can hold my breath for 5 minutes now. Oh and ... I've quit my job too ;)

Don't be a bore!

My name is Marc-André Cournoyer, I'm 30yo programmer, have two kids and I'm now making a living selling my products online: an eBook, and three online courses. I also have a few other products underway, but since I'm already making way more than I use to at my old job and have more free time than I had ever imagined, I decided to take a few months off and teach what I learned.

Don't believe me?

Jesse Storimer made $18 000 in four months with his first ebook. Here's what he had to say about this course:

« Copywriting For Geeks was essential in launching my ebook. I had no issues in creating the content. That's the kind of work I'm used to doing.

When it came time to write sales copy for the website I was terrified of telling people that I had made something they should have and I wanted them to pay money for it. Who the hell am I to be asking for their money? How do I know what will help them?

The most helpful thing that [this course] did for me was to flip that perspective around. It helped me understand that if I've created something valuable it would actually be a disservice to people if I didn't tell them how it could help them. This change in perspective is what allowed me to write copy that drove home the benefits of the product without feeling sorry that I was asking for money.

The principles outlined in Copywriting For Geeks gave me a great yardstick to measure my copy against. I knew that proper copywriting could make the difference between a successful product and a failure, but I didn't have money to hire anyone and didn't have time to read thick books. [This course] was a great 'best of' web copywriting and gave me lessons I applied immediately to my project. »

- Jesse Storimer, author of Working With UNIX Processes

Forget pre-made formulas. I will teach you principles you can adapt and reuse to any copy you write.

What you'll learn in this course


  • Understand how to sell at a much higher price than you thought possible.
  • Learn principles that you can adapt to any context and medium: sales pages, emails, etc.
  • Get people to read your copy, from start to finish.
  • Generate bursts of sales with a single email or blog post.
  • Discover how to make people buy now, not "later" (aka never).
  • Increase the value of your product without changing it.
  • Understand how to sell without pissing off your audience.
  • And... simply sell your stuff! Which is already pretty awesome on it's own, right?

But that's not all ...

Copywriting is not everything

There's a lot that goes around copywriting to build a successful product. That's why I'm also including my new book How To Create Your First Profitable Product when you buy this course. It's a short ebook that I guarantee will motivate you and tell you exactly everything you need to know to start building your product empire, including:

  • How to trick your mind into thinking of profitable ideas.
  • How to make free time to work on your products.
  • How to do market research quickly and effectively.
  • How to validate your idea will make money before investing time in it.
  • How to get in the right state of mind for selling.
  • How to charge more.
  • How to make people trust you.

And there's more ...

You're going to need some sales pages to write your copy on

Not everyone can design a sales page. Even if you can, coming up with a design that sells can take some time. That's why I'm including three sales page templates with this course. All three are based on designs I've used, tested and tweaked. Each contain a few variations, for a total of 30 possible combinations.

To make sure you don't forget anything when creating your sales page, I'm also including a copywriting checklist covering every point I will teach you in this course.

And finally, to inspire you: My personal swipe file, a collection of successful sales pages from around the web with my comments.

Here's everything you get

Love it or get it free

If this course doesn't help you sell your products. If you don't absolutely love it. If you don't feel it's worth every penny. No worries. Drop me a line, I'll refund you the full price and you keep everything. There are no catches, no risks.

And one more thing ...

I'll take you behind the scenes of one of my launches

I'll show you everything: How I started from zero and validated one of my ideas. How I got 1000 people on my email list. How I planned the launch. The exact emails I sent and why I wrote each one. You don't get a chance to peak behind the curtain like this very often.

And not just any product either. Earlier this year I sold a premium web site theme that I managed to sell at a very high price of $200, while most themes online are $20. It generated $7000 in the first few hours alone and even got people to frenetically refresh my sales page in anticipation of the launch.

BUT ... that's only for the first 200 copies of the course. (>100 copies gone already).

Urgency &

Most copywriting courses you'll find online are around $400 (see for yourself). I'm giving you my one hour video course, 50 pages study guide, personal swipe file, a checklist to make sure your next sales page is perfect, three customizable sales page templates and my book How To Create Your First Profitable Product for only $99.

Also, keep in mind you can watch the course, read the book, use everything in there and if you're not thrilled with the experience, let me know and you get your money back. All risk is on me and I'm cool with that.

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Love it or you get it free

If this course doesn't help you make more sales. If you don't absolutely love it. If you don't feel it's worth every penny. No worries. Drop me a line, I'll refund you the full price and you keep everything.